The Body Connection Program

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Whatever you are experiencing in your body is there for a reason. It is communicating something to you and it may seem like it is a foreign language when you first start listening to it. Through our early experiences we may have disconnected from our body out of protection and a desire to avoid feeling what was going on – even coming down the birth canal can be a scary business!  When we start to live life from a grounded, embodied self we have way more confidence and capacity to make loving decisions and life gets easier.

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The purpose of the Body Connection Program is to develop a deeper connection with your body and felt sense of self. That you are interested in this means a part of you already knows that you are seeking access to the immeasurably vast fields of love, wisdom and intelligence that are on offer for us all when we are ready to receive them. In addition to making life much less overwhelming and way more doable and enjoyable, a deeper body connection is the true step towards accessing all that comes with being so much more than just human.

What is the Body Connection Program?


The program comes with a hard cover journal with space to track your development and weekly prescribed exercises. It also offers video and audio recordings that explain the exercises to support the connection that you are building with your body and felt sense of self. 

Although our life experiences have impacted the choices we have made our innermost/ soul remains untouched. We have to “feel it to heal it” but its not who we are - it is something that happened to us. We need to take care not to identify with our pain, we want to integrate it and let it go to then express, live and move from the truth of who we are. As we go deeper letting go of the hurts we have experienced this lifetime, we become more sensitive and find there is more to feel and let go of to move closer to who we truly are. This is a recursive cycle, the deeper you feel, the more you let go of so then you feel more and go deeper as your awareness expands. This is a forever unfoldment.

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